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Vacuum Dehydration System
Vacuum Dehydration FD-5
The purpose of the FD-5 Vacuum Dehydration System is to serve as an oil treatment system. By removing water (dissolved, emulsified and free), gasses and solid contaminants the oil can return to its original condition, and be reused in lubricating systems. Having clean, dry oil will allow hydraulic and lubricating systems to perform more efficiently and can result in significant financial gains. The need to purchase new lubricating oils can be reduced and in some cases eliminated completely.

To begin, the oil is brought into the chamber and passed over the heater and heated. It then is dispersed over the Pall Rings , located inside the tower, and then exposed to a vacuum, usually between 22-25”Hg.

After the oil has been degassed and dehydrated it is pumped out of the bottom of the tower via the hydraulic pump into the filter to remove any contaminants before it enters the reservoir or system again.

In order to optimize this process the FD-5 Purifier is partially automated with a PLC and series of electrically controlled switches. Data, diagnostics, alerts and many help screens can be accessed on the control panel touch screen display.

Typical Applications:

  • Filtering Pulp and Paper lube systems
  • Filtering steam turbine lube systems
  • Filtering hydraulic reservoirs
  • Filtering rolling mill lube tanks
  • And many other industrial applications containing oil
Typical Industries:
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel
  • Automotive Manufacturing
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Flow Rate5 GPM or 15 GPM
Vacuum Pump Flow Rate13 CFM
Heater Capacity3KW @ 15wsi
Motors3 HP, 480 VAC, 3 Phase. *Other voltages are available, including explosion proof
PlumbingInlet: 1-1/2” FNPT Outlet: 1-1/2” FNPT
Approximate Dry Weight950 lbs
Dimensions44.5"L x 30.5"W x 68"H
ChamberPall Dispersion Rings; never have to get in chamber to change filter elements
Chamber Vacuum22-27” Hg
Fluid TemperatureFactory set at 145°F and is customer adjustable up to 165°F
Filtration1 ea - 6x18 Filter Element
Seal Material(s)Buna N, Viton, EPDM or EPR
Max Fluid ViscosityISO 680 or 4250 SUS
Continuous Heater FlowMinimum 2-5 GPM continuous flow through heater to prevent oil coking
Console Remote Alarm250 V, 10 AMP dry contact rating
Wheel ConfigurationCaster wheels, pneumatic tires, fork lift pockets or floor mount
Water Removal RateThe removal rate of water will vary depending on fluid properties and application parameters
Moisture Content MonitorMeasures in % and will shut down when it reads 0%
Operator Interface Panel FeaturesOne button on/off. Auto shut down if operating parameters move outside of limits. Panel displays all conditions, including causes and remedies. Help screen.
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Carl Y. Lube Oil Tech/Maint. Power Generation
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Matt P. (Salt Processing Plant)
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Just wanted to send out a Thank you for getting the carts completed and to us! The plant was pleased with the end product and the delivery time! Greatly appreciate the help from all of you!
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Saul C.
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