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The Problem:
We have seen that, in recent years, a lot of companies and reliability professionals have adopted the use of Stationary and Mobile Filtration systems to improve the reliability of their equipment and/or machines. However, the focus and direction has evolved beyond just using these systems to achieve better levels of cleanliness, into a culture of excellence in reliability and a process from beginning to end. To encompass a complete Reliability program there are more pieces to the puzzle that need to be put together. This starts even before the lubricant or oil arrives at your facility with a process or procedure.

5 Steps To a complete reliability program
  • Choosing the Correct Lubricants & Lube Supplier
  • Standard Procedure For Handling, Pre-filtering, Storing & Managing Your Lubricants
  • Integration Of Mobile, Stationary & Recirculating Filtration Systems (Offline or Online Systems)
  • Smart Oil Sampling, Oil Analysis & Verification Program
  • Continuous Improvement & Training To Develop A Culture Of Best Practices
Step 1: Choosing the correct lubricants & lube supplier
In a perfect world, oil is oil and a supplier is a supplier. But, since this is not the case, a great lubricant would be one where the lube or oil is supplied to the Manufactures specifications or lubricity requirements of the machine or equipment it is used in. It is often thought that the lubricant is designed to ensure smooth operation and reduction of friction for moving parts. Although this is part of it, the main points of focus in addition to this, are to provide a protective layer (or thin film) between moving components. This reduces the likely hood of oxidation and generation of damaging wear particles that affect moving surfaces which promotes accelerated deterioration and causes premature failures. Secondly, it provides a means for dissipation of the heat generated from these moving components, which adds to oxidation and further breakdown of the lubricity characteristics.

So you see, its vitally important to first use the correct lubricants to improve life cycles and extend the predicted reliability of the system. But, there is also something else to consider in this equation... the Supplier.

There should be a knowledgeable point of contact that can help facilitate the procurement of the proper lubricants needed for your application, to provide on-time delivery of lubricants, and also to ensure the product you are purchasing is provided to a baseline level of cleanliness. If you haven’t read our white paper titled: “The Dirty Little Secret Of New Oil,” I highly suggest reading it to gain insight on new lubricants and oils.

Step 2: Standard Procedure for handling, Pre-filtering, storing & Managing Your Lubricants
A filter cart or filtration system implementation is definitely a huge step towards reliability and sustainability versus not using any type of filtration system. (Whether it be online or an offline system) But, the filtration system itself is only part of the sustainable solution, and means very little if it is not being utilized correctly or if the filtration system is not sized properly to the application. The other part of this, is developing a complete oil/lubricant handling process from start to beginning. As mentioned, the process starts with the lubricant. But what happens once you receive those lubricants in your facility? There has to be a standard procedure for processing, storing, filtering and dispensing the product based on your needs.

Step 3: Integration of mobile, stationary & recirculating filtration systems
There are many different filtration systems available. You may have read our White paper, “Filtration: All Are Not Created Equal.” If not, it (and all of our white papers) can be downloaded from our website In summary, this white paper shows that it is important to understand that there are many different types of filtration systems: mobile to stationary systems, low beta to high beta efficiency rated elements, and all are designed for different applications and have their limits. It’s best to do your research to ensure that you are properly applying the correct filtration system for the application your intending on using it for. A filtration system can be a great tool to help you achieve lubrication excellence, if applied properly. It can also equally be a set back to your reliability program if it is undersized or mis-applied for the application. Check with the manufacture or distributor of your system to ensure it is being properly applied.

For More Information On Filter Carts, See Our White Papers:

STEP 4: Smart Oil Sampling, Oil Analysis & VerIfication program
We have discussed lubricants, filtration, and storage briefly, and any good reliability program has it’s checks and balances. Exhausting your efforts into developing best practices for lubrication excellence is one thing; but after you have implemented and developed your processes and procedures, you want to be able to associate your work with a benefit. There is nothing more rewarding than visually seeing results that your program is working. Be the Reliability Hero for your company and create a proactive approach to oil handling, utilize an accredited oil analysis lab to provide you with continuous oil condition monitoring so you can correlate your practices to practical returns in the form of higher productivity, and lower downtime and overall maintenance costs.

Step 5: continuous improvement & training to develop a culture of best practices
Of course, what good is a process if no one follows it or believes in it? To ensure everyone on your team is on the same page for Lubrication Excellence, it is vitally important to have a process for continuous training and improvement. Not only will this keep your team informed on the latest best practices but also to learn the benefits of having a good reliability program for your company. This also allows new people to your company to adopt the same vision and practices, which will keep your program going steady.

Our Power Dispensing Lube Management System is a great solution for keeping your lubricants and oils clean, dry and ready to be dispensed. This system comes in standard configurations as shown to the right, and can be customized to fit your specific needs with nearly endless options.

Some Options Include:
  • Color coding each tank in any color to match your lubricants and to eliminate or minimize cross contamination
  • Dispensing taps for dispensing pre-filtered fluids into containers.
  • The ability to recirculate, dispense, and fill the on-board tanks as well as any external tanks independently.
  • We have options to add a recirculation timer that can be set for on/off automated operation.
  • The system has a large capacity containment tank for spills and adjustable feet for leveling of the system.
We also have Gravity Feed Tank Storage Systems that work with your standard filtration systems. Also, a Modular Bolt On Lube Panels to meet your requirements now and in the future.

Start building your clean room, lubrication management, or dispensing system the way you need it to work. Don’t settle for an off the shelf solution that doesn’t quite have everything you need. Please contact Y2K Filtration for more information on this system, as well as any other standard or customized filtration system that we manufacture. Pair this system with any one of our premium manufactured mobile or stationary filtration systems. Manage your lubrication program, don’t let it manage you!

To bring everything back full circle, choosing the correct lubricants and supplier, having the correct filtration systems for your application (and a place to store), and dispensing and pre-filtering lubricants are the most important features of a good oil handling reliability program. Furthermore, the ability to verify what you are doing is working through proper oil analysis practices, gives you the insight to quantify those implementations through results based facts. And finally, the on-going practice of learning new techniques, training, and implementing best practice solutions for all involved in reliability, provides a culture of continuous improvement that yields higher productivity, return on investment and a proactive approach to reliability.

Y2K Filtration manufactures a complete line of filtration systems for the most demanding industries. We have compact, mobile, stationary and customized filtration and lube management systems to meet the toughest application requirements. We provide the latest technologies in filtration and verification testing of lubricants and oils through our lab oil analysis services. We can provide all the technical and recommended resources through our large distribution network throughout North America and Internationally. We have technical and experienced staff available to help you build your lubrication excellence and reliability program. We offer complete beginning to end solutions, implementation, and a single source for all your oil filtration, handling and storage needs.

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Download PDF of Lubrication Dispensing, Storage & Management
Not seeing what you need? We have built many unique filter carts for a variety of applications. Based on your unique application needs our experts will design a custom cart.
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